Dimora San Carlo, Roddi

Set among the hills of Barolo, Roddi and La Morra, Dimora San Carlo was created to allure connoisseurs to a timeless, authentic pleasure achieved through the contemplation of lush nature.

The small chapel, from which it takes its name, stands a few steps from the building of which intention of design was aimed at achieving the perfect balance between man-made structure and its placement within the surrounding landscape.

The vineyards of the Langhe, in all their majestic simplicity, counterpart these architecturally sublime and chic ambiences. Thanks to the ingenious masters of talent, who have dedicated themselves with a passion to designing ideal spaces of peace and well-being, we become the observers of an ancestral and never-ending link between man and nature.

Majestic games of light on a beautiful distant horizon, especially clear at sunset, make this a never-to-be-repeated experience, which remains etched in the memory of anyone lucky enough to witness it.

Perfecting this idyllic vision: extensive passageways through the lush surrounding hills overflowing with a rainbow of colours each and every season, windows from which to gaze across the gardens, the pool next to the spa.

Another defining element of excellence for those who visit Dimora San Carlo in Roddi is the dedicated workshop for bike reparation and cleaning, a cyclists paradise even for the most passionate experts.

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Dimora San Carlo

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